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Building great looking Bootstrap front-ends is easy with Bootstrapr. Build bespoke Bootstrap components, whole pages, and entire sites in minutes. Begin by selecting a version:

How do I use this?

screen capture of steps 1 and 2

Configure and Build

  • 1Configure the component by selecting options.
  • 2When you're satisfied, click ‘Build’ to generate the code.

screen capture of steps 3 and 4

Preview and Tweak

  • 3Click ‘Prettify’ to indent your code for better readability.
  • 4Adjust the code further, if necessary, directly in the code well!

screen capture of steps 5, 6 and 7

Copy and Paste

  • 5Review your component in the ‘Example’ window. Adjust it further in the code well, if necessary.
  • 6Click ‘Update’ to send the updates to the ‘Example’ window for review.
  • 7Click ‘Copy’ to grab the code once you're satisfied. Paste it into your Bootstrap-ready application or website!

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